August 2021

Hotend Temp: 250 - 270 C
Bed Temp: 110 C
Speed: Not Listed
Fan: None or Low
Material Type: ASA
Manufacturer: Prusa
Color: –

ASA is UV stable, it doesn’t suffer from shrinking and the fumes produced are much less noticeable. ASA 3D is durable, tough, and suitable for a wide range of applications. The solidification temperature is also higher compared to PLA and PETG, which gives objects printed from ASA an excellent temperature resistance – there are no signs of deformation up to temperatures near 93 °C. ASA is especially suitable to print objects meant for long-time outside use.

Ultraviolet Resistant PETG
Hotend Temp: 240 - 270 C
Bed Temp: 70 C
Speed: Not Listed
Fan: 100%
Material Type: UV-PETG
Manufacturer: IC3D
Color: –

Ultraviolet Resistant PETG brings the performance of production grade IC3D PETG into the laboratory and the great outdoors. UV-PETG retains excellent clarity, puncture resistance, and impact toughness even after repeated ultraviolet radiation exposure outdoors or as part of the UV-sterilization process. While the color made fade over time, UV-PETG can be expected to maintain its structural qualities and UV-resistance for several years.

Hotend Temp: 205 - 225 C
Bed Temp: Room - 60 C
Speed: Not Listed
Fan: 100%
Material Type: PLA
Manufacturer: Push Plastic
Color: –

The most commonly used 3D printing media, the benefits of PLA include affordability, easy to use, large color selection, and low print temperature.

Hotend Temp: 210 - 230 C
Bed Temp: 25 - 60 C
Speed: 20-40 mm/s
Fan: 100%
Material Type: TPU (95)
Manufacturer: Polymaker
Color: –

PolyFlex™ TPU95-HF, created from Covestro’s Addigy®️ family, is a TPU with high flow properties making it ideal for high speed printing. Combined with its UV resistance, PolyFlex™ TPU95-HF unlocks new applications for flexible materials in manufacturing.