September 2021

Extremely Matte PLA
Hotend Temp: 190 - 210 C
Bed Temp: 60 - 80 C
Speed: Not Listed
Fan: 100%
Material Type: Matte PLA
Manufacturer: Sandoz 3D
Color: –

Sandoz 3D Extremely Matte PLA is a pleasure to look at, and a pleasure to print. Looking to produce prints that don't have a typical, shiny plastic look? Look no further! Sandoz 3D Extremely Matte PLA scatters light leaving the surface of your print to be luster free.

Hotend Temp: 210 - 230 C
Bed Temp: 45 - 60 C
Speed: 40 - 100 mm/s
Fan: 100%
Material Type: Modified PLA
Manufacturer: eSun
Color: –

Modified based on PLA material, has the easy printing characteristics of PLA and added with gorgeous luminous star appearance.

Filled PLA
Hotend Temp: 190 - 200 C
Bed Temp: Not Listed
Speed: 30 - 60 mm/s
Fan: 100%
Material Type: Filled PLA
Manufacturer: Amolen
Color: –

REAL WOOD FIBER - There is 20% wood fiber in the ebony wood PLA Filament. Therefore, you will get a print like a real wood with matte face and even wood smell.

Jessie Premium PETG
Hotend Temp: 230 - 255 C
Bed Temp: 80 - 90 C
Speed: 40 - 60 mm/s
Fan: 30-50%
Material Type: PETG
Manufacturer: Printed Solid
Color: –

Printed Solid’s own exclusive filament line just got even better. Announching Jessie PETG. High quality PETG at an affordable price.