January 2019

Hotend Temp: 190-220 C
Bed Temp: none-60 C
Speed: 30-90 mm/s
Fan: 100%
Material Type: PLA
Manufacturer: Push Plastic
Color: Mint

High quality standard quality PLA available in many greatcolors. Enjoy 50% extra length in the sample this month! Made in the USA with 100% virgin materials.

Hotend Temp: 195-220 C
Bed Temp: none-60 C
Speed: 40-100 mm/s
Fan: 100%
Material Type: Filled PLA
Manufacturer: colorFabb
Color: Copper

colorFabb PLA/PHA blended with copper powder for a filament that is about 3X denser than PLA. Sand and polish with progressively finer grits of sandpaper and polish with steel wool for a metallic looking printed part!

Carbon Fiber PC+
Hotend Temp: 235-260 C
Bed Temp: 90-100 C
Speed: 60-100 mm/s
Fan: off or low
Material Type: PC
Manufacturer: SnoLabs
Color: Black

Advanced engineering material Polycarbonate + with addition of carbon fiber strands for increased performance. Note to 2.85mm users: This is available only in 1.75, but we have tested running 1.75 on our Ultimaker and Lulzbot with only changing diameter in the slicer and running slow with good results.

Hotend Temp: 240-255 C
Bed Temp: Room - 90 C
Speed: -
Fan: off or low
Material Type: PETG
Manufacturer: Esun
Color: Magenta

PETG is a great functional material. It is durable over the long term and realtively easy to print with on most machines.