July 2019

Carbon Fiber PLA
Hotend Temp: -
Bed Temp: -
Speed: -
Fan: 100%
Material Type: Filled PLA
Manufacturer: ProtoPasta
Color: Dark Grey

For exceptional accuracy, finish & performance, choose Carbon Fiber Proto-pasta Carbon Fiber Composite HTPLA is a combination of milled carbon fibers & high-performance PLA. Resulting 3D printed prototypes & end-use parts are characterized by exceptionally form stability up to 160 deg C (320 deg F) when heat treated.

Hotend Temp: 210-230 C
Bed Temp: Room - 70C
Speed: -
Fan: 100%
Material Type: PLA Blend
Manufacturer: Filoalfa
Color: Green Taffetta

FILOALFA®'s ALFASILK is an easy to print material suitable for any type of 3D printer. The GLOSSY finish is enriched by a pleasant reflection very similar to that of silk from which it takes its name.The already excellent mechanical resistance, and a low retraction, is enriched by a greater impact resistance and elasticity that make it a highly performing material for various applications. FILOALFA®'s ALFASILK, completely non-toxic and odorless until high temperature, will amaze for the high adhesion between the layers if printed at higher temperatures.

Hotend Temp: 235-250 C
Bed Temp: 110C+
Speed: -
Fan: off or low
Material Type: PC Blend
Manufacturer: Push Plastic
Color: Orange

PC+PBT (Polycarbonate + Polybutylene Terephthalate) Superior stiffness/ductility balance Great structural integrity and drop impact performance, Excellent fatigue performance, High chemical resistance to motor oil and grease.

Hotend Temp: 230-250 C
Bed Temp: 90 - 130C
Speed: -
Fan: off or low
Material Type: ASA
Manufacturer: Toner
Color: Black

ASA is a thermoplastic created to be similar to ABS, but with better weather resistance. ASA’s combination of high strength and flexibility along with its superior UV resistance makes it ideal for printing objects which may be used in the outdoors or in industrial settings. Due to its high glass transition temperature, a heated bed is required to successfully print with ASA.