November 2019

Hotend Temp: 220-235 C
Bed Temp: 80 - 100C
Speed: 50-90 mm/s
Fan: off or low
Material Type: HIPS
Manufacturer: Toner
Color: Natural

HIPS is a dissolvable thermoplastic which is ideal for printing supports with ABS parts. HIPS is easily dissolved in limonene and prints at similar settings to ABS. It is less prone to warping than ABS making it perfect for brims and rafts on small and large parts alike. Also good for general use printing anywhere you would use ABS, but a bit easier to print.

Hotend Temp: 190-230 C
Bed Temp: Room - 60C
Speed: Not Listed
Fan: 100%
Material Type: PLA
Manufacturer: Atomic
Color: Candy Apple Golden Pearl

Deep, Rich, & Bold Golden Candy apply color & gold peral Shimmer with multi sized peral particles for a fantastic look. Previously sold as pearl dark cherry but revised formula for better pearl look and gold shimmer.

Hotend Temp: –
Bed Temp: –
Speed: –
Fan: –
Material Type: TPU
Manufacturer: TreeD
Color: Orange

No description available.

Hotend Temp: –
Bed Temp: –
Speed: –
Fan: –
Material Type: PETG Blend
Manufacturer: FilamentPM
Color: Assorted

No description available.