December 2019

Hotend Temp: 220-230 C
Bed Temp: Room - 50C
Speed: 20-30 mm/s
Fan: 100% after layer 2
Material Type: Filled TPU
Manufacturer: Ninjatek
Color: Black

Eel 3D printing filament is NinjaTek’s first truly conductive, flexible filament. Eel’s 355% elongation allows for repeated movement without wear or cracking. You’ll produce reliable, high quality prints due to the consistent diameter. NinjaTek’s Eel filament is chemical resistant to a variety of materials.

Hotend Temp: 170-210 C
Bed Temp: Room - 50C
Speed: Not Listed
Fan: 100%
Material Type: Filled PLA
Manufacturer: Filoalfa
Color: Terracotta

A new material from Filoalfa. Maker Box members get to try it before the official release! PLA Blended with a special additive for a Terracotta like finish.

Hotend Temp: 250-300 C
Bed Temp: 80 - 100C
Speed: Not Listed
Fan: off or low
Material Type: PC
Manufacturer: Plas3D
Color: Translucent Blue

Polycarbonate (PC) filament is a strong thermoplastic material used in 3D printing. It is a good electrical insulator while having heat-resistant properties. Clear PC has high temperature resistance and high optical clarity. It has high glossy finish. Suggested to print on glass bed in good ventilated area.

Hotend Temp: 195-220 C
Bed Temp: Room - 70C
Speed: 40-60 mm/s
Fan: 100%
Material Type: PVB
Manufacturer: Polymaker
Color: Teal

PolySmooth™ is a unique, easy-to-print filament designed for hands-free post processing. The surface can be smoothed with alcohol to achieve layer free models using the Polysher™.