July 2021

High Impact PLA
Hotend Temp: 215 - 235 C
Bed Temp: Room - 60 C
Speed: Not Listed
Fan: 100%
Material Type: High Impact PLA
Manufacturer: VO3D
Color: –

VO3D PLA filaments have two times the impact strength of standard PLA filaments according to independent Notched Izod Impact Strength testing (ASTM D256). This is due to a patented blend of nano-scale additives that de-bond from the PLA under impact, helping to prevent material failure. As these specially-selected additives are compatible with PLA, 3D printing using VO3D filaments is just as easy as standard PLA. VO3D PLA filaments are manufactured to the highest quality standards in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Hotend Temp: 270 - 285 C
Bed Temp: 85 C
Speed: 30 - 100 mm/s
Fan: Off or Low
Material Type: HTPET+
Manufacturer: Fusion Filament
Color: –

HTPET+ is a high temp, high strength plastic that has excellent flow characteristics and prints like a dream! It can be used in high speed printing as well as high temperature applications similar to ABS. It does not warp, it is stronger than PETG and ABS, and has strong UV resistance.

Hotend Temp: 205 - 245 C
Bed Temp: Room - 90 C
Speed: 30 - 100 mm/s
Fan: Off or Low
Material Type: PETG
Manufacturer: Greengate 3D
Color: –

GreenGate3D exclusively extrudes filament from scrap plastics… no virgin found here. Proudly made in the United States of America. Our PET-G can print at lower temperatures than traditional resin, even in the upper range of PLA. With precision tolerance, generous flexibility, unmatched clarity, and TRULY a recycled product, why not try us? GreenGate3D: Recycling The World’s Plastics, One Filament At A Time.

Metal Filled
Hotend Temp: 185 - 215C
Bed Temp: Room - 60 C
Speed: 10-20 mm/s 1st layer, 20-80 mm/s rest of part
Fan: Not Listed
Material Type: HTPLA
Manufacturer: Protopasta
Color: –

Introducing Bronze-Filled Metal Composite HTPLA. Using real bronze powder, we've created a premium heat treatable metal PLA filament for 3D prints that finish just like real metal! Our bronze composite filament is as versatile as it is beautiful, printing like plastic, but finishing like real metal for beautiful, durable parts from most standard 3D printers.